Entering Canada – Visa Information

Visiting Canada

Canada has a well-earned reputation for public safety, fair business practices, racial tolerance, and generous hospitality. As with any international travel, WCD delegates will require a valid passport to visit Canada.

Most delegates will not require a visa to visit Canada. For those who do, there will be a special WCD Visa Secretariat to help facilitate and expedite your visa application progress by providing a Letter of Invitation. Please note that the Letter of Invitation will only be issued to registered and paid delegates of the Congress. It is important that delegates apply early to allow adequate time for processing Visa applications. This will allow for a smooth, hassle-free process in coming to Vancouver.

We are very pleased to advise that processing visa applications for travel to Canada has never been more efficient. Canada now accepts electronic applications which means applicants seeking approval for visitation can send a copy of their passport instead of the real deal. Once the application has been approved, delegates will receive instructions for passport submission. Paper applications are also welcome through visa offices or visa application centres. Visa exemptions for Canada are applicable in 49 countries worldwide (as a comparison, there are currently 37 countries visa-exempt in the U.S.). View the full list of visa-exempt locales here.  In 2011, Canada approved 82 percent of visitor visa applications.

Temporary Resident Visa Applications

For those visitors who do require a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), we advise you to apply early to allow adequate time for processing.  Applications for TRVs must be submitted to the appropriate visa office abroad well in advance of the intended visit and at least four (4) weeks in advance of travel.

View a list of countries whose citizens require a TRV to visit Canada.

For more information on visas and entry requirements to Canada, click here