Satellite Symposia

Sponsored satellite symposia are not eligible for accreditation.

A Satellite Symposium is a scheduled session during the official program of the Congress. Satellite Symposia will be held in two-hour time slots on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 17:00 to 19:00. Room capacities will range between 200 and 1,000 delegates and are based on first come first served, with scheduling priority given to the major sponsors. The program of the symposia is organized by the sponsor, including title and faculty, but is subject to approval by the Organizing Committee. (Diamond, Platinum Patrons, and Gold Sponsors are entitled to complimentary satellite symposia as part of the recognition program. Complimentary symposia will take place in rooms with a seating capacity of 250.)

Monday, June 8Tuesday, June 9

All sessions run from 17:00 – 19:00

Acne scarring: From physiopathology to prevention, sponsored by Galderma

Advances in Energy-based Nonsurgical Tissue Lifting, sponsored by Merz

A Series of Debates to take Psoriasis Management Forward, sponsored by Novartis Pharma AG

The Impact of Oxidative Stress on Hair Condition: Treatment of Pre- and Post-Emergent Factors for Lifetime Hair Health, sponsored by Procter and Gamble – Head & Shoulders and Pantene

Patient Care in Psoriasis: Is it Time for a Paradigm Shift?, sponsored by Lilly

Advances in actinic keratosis: more than meets the eye, sponsored by LEO Pharma

Unravelling the complexities of skin ageing: a multifaceted approach, sponsored by Walgreens Boots Alliance

Sun and Environment: Get Connected, Get Protected, sponsored by L’Oréal Research and Innovation

Practical Approaches for Enhancing Patient Care and Satisfaction in Psoriasis, sponsored by Pfizer

Exploring the Challenges in Identifying and Managing Patients with Advanced Basal Cell Carcinoma, sponsored by Hoffman-La Roche Limited

Wednesday, June 10

All sessions run from 17:00 – 19:00

Skin health in eldery – dermatological challenges, sponsored by Galderma

How to influence skin microbiota in patients with chronic cutaneous diseases?, sponsored by La Roche-Posay Laboratoire Dermatologique

New Frontiers in Antioxidant Research, sponsored by SkinCeuticals

A Match Made in Medicine: Identifying the right fit for your plaque psoriasis patients, sponsored by Celgene

Welcome to the urticaria clinic: A worldwide view, sponsored by Novartis Pharma AG

New Insights into Skin Ageing and Skin Health Using Systems Biology, sponsored by Procter and Gamble – Olay & SK-II

Why should I recommend advanced sunscreen? – a case based approach, sponsored by Johnson & Johnson

How to manage infantile hemangiomas in 2015?, sponsored by Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmétique

Isotretinoin in acne – An update on developments relevant to clinicians, sponsored by Cipher Pharma

Beyond wrinkles, volume: a universal expectation, when aesthetic procedures inspire new cosmetic technologies, sponsored by L’Oréal Paris

Challenging cases in the management of psoriatic disease: from childhood to adulthood, sponsored by AbbVie

Revealing the invisible impact of dermatological conditions: integrated approaches to chronic hand eczema and facial acne management, sponsored by Stiefel

Thursday, June 11

All sessions run from 17:00 – 19:00

Using daylight to treat actinic keratosis: an innovative approach, sponsored by Galderma

FACIAL AESTHETICS: Advanced Techniques for Full Face Rejuvenation, sponsored by Merz

Optimizing Outcomes in Advanced Basal Cell Carcinoma: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Patient Care, sponsored by Novartis Pharma AG

Male Hair Removal and Its Impact on the Skin, sponsored by Procter and Gamble – Gillette & Braun

From Thermal Water to biotechnology: a journey into scientific thermalism, sponsored by Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmétique

Adjunctive Therapies in the Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis, sponsored by Johnson & Johnson

Real-World pSolutions for Psoriasis Patients, sponsored by Janssen

Current challenges and new horizons for hidradenitis suppurativa, sponsored by AbbVie

Improve total patient outcome and optimize your practice with advanced cleansing technology, sponsored by Clarisonic

Advances in Atopic Dermatitis: Expert Insights Into New and Emerging Therapies, sponsored by Anacor Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Women at menopause: Cutting edge science for skin health and beauty, sponsored by Vichy Laboratoires

Friday, June 12